Inspite of the highlighting informational awareness of people about exchange trade, exchange activity, services and generally other economic categories, exchange also provides consulting service referring to each activity.

Exchange gives high-quality consultation to his customers for proper implementation of legal, business as well as economic and other activities. In the case of using other Exchange services, consultation is free.

Career advice about regulations and rules about exchange trade as well as other juridical consultation about RA legislative framework, laws and other legal acts are given in Exchange platform.


Both buyers and customers as well as all persons who are interested in the trade of product through auction or other services provided by exchange are given maximum information about transactions and orders in order to make their whole process transparent and available to the public as possible.

Precious metalls exchange quotes
Name Meas. Cost[AMD] Change
Gold 585° 1 gr.11730.97 57.42
Silver 925° 1 gr.212.97 -1.29
Palladium 990° 1 gr.23281.14 -138
Rhodium 950° 1 gr.36440.75 14.24
Platinum 950° 1 gr.10856.31 -134.88
Precious metalls international quotes (London fixing)
Name Meas. Cost[AMD] Change
Gold 1 gr.20469.00 100
Platinum 1 gr.13410.00 -167
Silver 1 gr.242.00 -1
Palladium 1 gr.24727.00 -146
Rgodium 1 gr.47828.00 19
Colour and black metals exchange quotes
Name Meas. Cost[AMD] Change
Copper 1 kg.2150.00 0
Brass 1 kg.1600.00 0
Aluminum 1 kg.320.00 0
Steel 1 kg.15.00 0
Cast iron 1 kg.20.00 0
Metalls international exchange quotes (London metal exchange)
Name Meas. Cost[AMD] Change
Copper 1 kg.3169.00 17
Aluminum 1 kg.919.00 -15
Nickel 1 kg.6389.00 -22
Lead 1 kg.989.00 11
Tin 1 kg.10439.00 53